Confinement nanny duties

Hi experienced mummies who hired a confinement nanny, I’ll be delivering in a few months time and currently preparing for the baby and confinement nanny which I had engaged few months back. May I know what are the duties of a confinement nanny? Does she sleeps with the baby at night? What are the household chores will she help out with? And also, do they wash their clothes and undergarments together with your clothes or separately? Thank you in advance! (: #pleasehelp #advicepls

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you decide which sleeping arrangements works best for you, some mummies can’t bear to let their babies zzz with an “outsider”, or some have space constraint. for me, my girl zzz with the nanny and she will bring her in for BF every 3 hours. when my girl was on bottle feed she will feed my girl in her room and let me zzz all the way. for household chores, if you go through agency they will list down all the dos and don’ts on chores but it great depend on your baby’s behavior. my nanny definitely do more chores than what was listed as my girl is able to zzz alone and she does give the nanny hours of peace. personally the reason to hire a nanny is to take care of baby and mummy, chores is secondary. my nanny wash her clothes separately from ours, she wash baby’s clothes too.

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Many thanks! It was really helpful 😉

sorry mommy wala ako alam 😔