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Hi, is there any mums out there who’ve taken their booster shot during pregnancy and had just given birth? Does the booster shot have any side effect on the baby?

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I took my booster jab at 37th weeks.. I didn't want to go but my gynae said she's seeing a lot of patients who are pregnant and down with covid. my husband supported the gynae's idea n I was crying in the vaccination booth when I went for my booster jab😅😅the vaccinator was shock n 50-50 want to give me the booster jab.. currently 1 month postpartum and all is is also fine n no issues.

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2y ago breastfeeding my baby now gynae said it good coz when you had your booster the baby will also get the vaccine more or less through the baby is 6 weeks now.. all is well..breastfeeding also no issues.

hello. ive taken the booster shot but my baby hasnt been born yet. took the shot at 30plus week. so far all okay even after scanning and etc. but again to each its own :) if you are worried then i suggest to take after giving birth.

oh no. i wouldn't recommend pregnant women to take the booster shot yet.

2y ago

Why not though?