Booster shot in 1st Tri

Any mommies getting their booster shot in 1st tri? Gynae encouraged me to go for it - no effects on baby. Anyone else’s gynae advised otherwise? #pregnancy #1stimemom #firstbaby #COVID_19Vaccine #covid

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a few mummies took in 1st trimester and are well too.. recommend pfizer, side effect lesser.. but if worry can what until 2nd trimester

I took mine at 8 weeks! So far so good at 19 weeks. Had some fatigue and sore arm after the jab but so far everything is alright 😊

i took mine around 4 or 6 weeks and now currently at 17 weeks. side affects was only sore arm :)

i took mine around 10wks currently abt 21wks gynae strongly encourage mi to get my booster

Thanks mommies!!