Hi all, I'm currently 6days pp n struggling with oversupply. I'm direct latching n pumping say once or twice a day to relieve the engorgement n also trying to not pump too much as I don't wish to increase production but I'm still full almost all the time 🥴 I get engorged as soon as every 1.5-2hrly, baby nurses every 1.5-2.5hrly. What can I do to ease this? For my first child I was EP so oversupply wasn't an issue for me, this time I'm DL n occasional pumping so it's super uncomfy.

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start to drag the pump duration interval longer.. one way is you can pump and donate the milk too. the milk levels will regulate at 12th week

9mo ago

I'm only pumping like once or twice a day n only pump abit to relieve engorgement, less than 10mins. I'm DL mostly