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My now 4mo has been almost exclusively DL since birth with the occasional bottle feed of EBM(say once every 2 weeks or so). He recently fell sick n had his overall milk intake per day drop by more than half for about a week n lost some weight. He refuses to latch n will scream his head off n arch his back like 1min/less in n so I tried bottle feeding just so I can get some milk in him, he initially also refused but came to accept it but fusses at the bottle. Thing is, he's mostly recovered now but still refuses to latch for longer than a minute without screaming crying, is this the end of my DL journey? 🥲 I'm now pumping in between feeds to clear my boobs n so I have milk to feed. Suggestions on how I can handle this situation would be great too. #breastfeeding #advicepls

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It could be forceful letdowns. Check if milk is spraying in his mouth when latching. The pressure caused discomfort in my baby n she would cry murder when comfort latch

hi mummy! you can start latching again when baby is sleepy :). also increase skin to skin contact with baby. hope everything works out for the two of you!

2y ago

Hi thanks! Tried but he's almost most fussy when tired 🥴