ok to install window grill when pregnant?

I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant and had arranged for contractor to install the window grill before the baby comes out. Was advised against it by my mum and in law. Anybody had same experience?

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my in laws did some minor stuff too, what I did was to go for a staycation and avoid being home.

I think so, as long as you are not involve in helping to do anything to prevent getting hurt.

I did my zip blind during my week 22. I just avoid being at home during the installation.

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perhaps just head outside for a drink while getting window grill install at home.

I’m also waiting for baby to born then install. To be safe than regret to me.


it should be fine but try not to be in the house during installation

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Huh no issue mah. What kind of superstitious saying is this?!

Avoid being ard when the installation is being carried out

Just stay away when the installation is done.

that's fine 😊no worries Momshie