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Hi, I'm checking if anyone shares the same experience with me? I'm about 7 weeks pregnant but I have been having spotting and light bleeding these few days. I have went to see the doctor but they say everything seems normal. I miscarriage before and I'm super worried. Anyone has a similar experience and what help was given ? Able to share with me so I can looking for better alternatives. Appreciate it:) If you share the same experience kindly recommend me your gynae.

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Hi, previously I had 2 miscarriages at 18weeks & 8weeks. For my current pregnancy, I was like you, I had spotting & some red bleeding during my first trimester. My gynae prescribed me with dydrogesterone pills & progesterone injection (weekly) - To stabilize the pregnancy. No side effect for me. Things went well. I am currently 32weeks. I took no pay leave till EDD , just to be safe. Try to rest more, do not carry heavy things.

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I have went to KKH a&e but everytime they just scan for me and tell me is okay is normal. They dont seems to do much for me I'm under threaten miscarriage. I'm hoping that some medications or anything can help.