breastfeeding and Panadol

I'm breastfeeding . Can I take Panadol ?

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Please take the normal ones only and not anymore. If possible to discard the bm after. With that said only a minimal amount enters the bm and does not usually do any harm to baby. Otherwise, try to have rest and plenty of water the natural way.

These 4 types of Panadol are ok to take. Only contain paracetamol. In future, you could key in the medication name into LactMed phone app or website to check if it is safe to take when breastfeeding.

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I was prescribed with panadol by the doc. The doc mentioned that it will be safe for the baby even though there will be mild consumption. However, i discarded the bm as I do have excess.

Actually can try drinking 100 plus.. and use ointment instead.. I'm not a believer of medicine coz I feel tat we will take it for granted and get immune to it when time comes..

Yes and it must be pure Panadol. Take only when necessary. Try to avoid if possible but if no choice, have to take. Don't over dose on panadol too.

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Yup, Paracetamol is safe to be taken while breastfeeding. Trace amount may be present in your breast milk but it will not affect baby.

u can take the normal white round ones. the extra contains caffine . just in case baby is affected by it and cant sleep after u bf .

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Yes you can....Check with GP is safe to consume while breastfeeding. I took it took when needed. Baby ok.

Yes, you can take paracetamol. Only a small amount gets into your breastmilk and it's unlikely to harm your baby.

yes u can.. have check wz my gp b4.. he say it OK for the normal one..but of cos dun overtake