Duphaston doesn’t stop bleeding

Hello! I’m about 6-ish weeks now, and due to bleeding I was prescribed Duphaston. Twice a day initially but brown bleeding did not stop, and doc increased Duphaston to thrice a day. There is still spotting and brown blood / tissue like stuff when I wipe. Anyone with similar experience with taking Duphaston but doesn’t stop bleeding? And I don’t feel any side effects at all, no nausea, nothing. Is that normal?

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I had the jab and had duphaston first time took 1 week 6 hourly once I stop I bleeding again doctor gave me jab and continue duphaston again for 1 week once I stop I had tummy ache end up I had to eat all the way until 12 weeks had another jab. was asked to bed rest all the way till I'm stable around 12 weeks too

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