Duphaston dose reduction

Dear mummies, I was given duphaston tablets 3 times a day and weekly injection. Thankfully, no more bleeding now for a week. Feeling pretty nausea from the tablets though, and wondering anyone has experience of reducing oral duphaston tablets to twice or once a day? Thank you!

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Don’t reduce. My gynae told me the more I feel nausea and all the nasty side effects that duphaston brings, the more baby is striving well in my womb. This what keeps me holding on. Gynae also advise if taking 3 times a day is too much, I can take 1 in the morning and 2 at night before sleeping.

2y ago

Thank you, very helpful. I'm due for the next dose now but still feeling v nausea 😅

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I nv reduce. Keep on going as long it safes my baby.