Bleeding with duphaston

I’ve been bleeding for 3 wks already. Doc prescribe with progesterone pills (duphaston) 3x a day and i’m still bleeding like fresh red blood. i’m in my first trimester.

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May I know your bleeding is spotting and on and off type or keep flowing? as I'm on Duphaston 2x a day and I start bleeding last last week but Is 1 spot and it stopped next day also the same thing 1 spot and stopped until day 4 it no more bleeding but ytd it suddenly bleed abit more than usual but its still spotting for than few minutes and it stopped

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4mo ago

Yes i did. They said its too small to check for heartbeat. Have to wait till nxt wk. as for bleeding wise just monitor???? I think it looks quite serious tho. Quite surprised they took it lightly.

Besides the medication, my wife was told to bed rest for a month during her 2nd pregnancy. You may want to consult again instead of waiting for the next appointment. Take care 🙏

Hello, i wonder how was your pregnancy journey now? Everythings ok now? I'm bleeding red blood at week4 and doc prescribe me duphaston 2x a day.

2mo ago

Hey there! Unfortunately it was a missed miscarriage for me! But looking at the brighter side and planning for another one again. Hopefully all is good on your end! Take care!!