Pregnant or Not?

I'm about 4 months post partum. Did not have my period till now yet. Past 1 week plus, I experienced cramps but nothing came. But when I checked on the test kit, it showed negative. So I'm confused what are the cramps. Anybody advice?

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I’m 5.5 months pp. I also get cramps sometimes... occasionally related to baby latching on, and sometimes it just comes and goes. Also no period. I just wait for it to pass...

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Perhaps it’s your womb that is shrinking back to its original size. You should go see a PD if you think sth is amiss :)

I'm 8 months postpartum and my period comes every 2-3 months. I still get cramps sometimes without period.

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Best to consult your gynaecologist...

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Period may not come so soon if bf.

Better to see a gynae