Never had menses cramps before

Just curious…. My period has been very irregular. Could come 1 month after the last one or 2-4 months after. The longest was 4 months. I have never experienced menses cramps before so I’m not sure how it feels like. Are there anyone that is like me or am I just weird? Hahaha 😅 Am 38 weeks preggy now. I’ve read a lot of mummies saying that labour contractions could start out like menses cramps. But I’ve never experienced it before so I’m just clueless & waiting for any signs of labour to come. So far not yet……….

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I wouldn't wanna lie abt contractions as I rather prepare u as a fellow mummy. It is rather very painful that's why alot of mummies will opt for epidural. If u have high threshold of pain, likely u would be able to handle it. Breathing techniques helps too. For me, I got menses cramps and it's quite painful but my first labour contractions got me at a surprise as the pain was indescribable. My second I was on gas but still almost black out, and now my 3rd, I hope to brace thru it again well. Oh and yes it starts of mild but do time ur contractions. U may wanna download the app and then if it gets rather close less ard 10mins apart u should be on ur way to the hospital. All the best momma.

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Wow! I wished I didn’t experience bad menses cramp before.. I fainted a couple of times due to menses cramp! It like something inside there squeezing u so badly.. To me my pain endurance quite high after years of “well trained” by menses cramp, but contraction can say more worse than that because I can’t even take pain killer and e pain makes me feels so jelly legs and tiring.. Tbh, it really depends on individual.. A few of my friends feels nothing much and they can even go have shower and heavy meal after water bag burst.. Jus try to relax and control your breathing once you started feeling pain

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Contractions towards the end part was quite painful. Otherwise i had very bad tailbone pain which make me go hosp (otherwise my hb was worried i might pop in his car). I could still walk but slow… i was alr 4cm then 😅 but actually i dun feel it felt like menses cramp o.o

me too never experience cramps before... menses is also irregular usually 2/3 months once 😅 I'm 25 weeks and yes, I always wonder how contraction will feel....

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i also dont really have menses contractions was horrible to me