No cravings

I'm 8 months pregnant and till now no cravings. Is it normal. I feel like I'm offending my love ones when they ask what I crave for and what I feel like eating. My answer is nothing, no cravings or anything I'll just take some. Baby never had rejected any food too.

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During my 1st pregnancy i was thinking this way too... how come I'm not craving anything whereas my frens were all asking their hubbies to travel here and there for special foods! I think for some people it's ok and nothing wrong:)

I am at 31weeks and I have not had any cravings at all! People always ask what I crave etc and when I say none they are always so shock. It’s okay, all the better for your husband so he don’t have to run around and buy things

That’s good! Means baby is not a fussy eater! I’m also not craving for any particular food. May want to eat certain things once in a while but I’m ok if I can’t get them. Not intensive cravings that die-die must eat.

It so normal... my 1st pregnancy i didnt had any craving... but my 2nd pregnancy... alot of craving but the craving last me like 1 or 2 hrs and i was fine with it

Hahahaha me too sis! I never had any cravings! Only my mom and hubby affected but hey, like I ok at the good side! No weight gain after birth! 😁

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It’s normal to have no cravings. My both pregnancy also no cravings. :) No big issues. It’s good that you can still eat as normal :)

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Not having cravings is perfectly fine. I don’t understand why it should bother them or you? 😂

I also dont have any cravings and morning sickness. Just few headaches during 2nd tri.

I didnt have any cravings when i was pregnant too. My appetite wasnt so good either.

Its normal to not have cravings! :)) Good that you're able to eat as per normal too!