6 weeks pregnant ultrasound nothing but showed nothing but yolk sac

Hi, I'm 6 weeks pregnant today and i went to the doctor to get an ultrasound but the was nothing but a yolk sac seen is that normal? My last period on 17/04/20 and I had 2 miscarriage before so I’m kind of worried ? [23/06/20] Updated on my second ultrasound at 9 weeks My baby isn’t measuring where it should be... possible miscarriage??? No bleeding 🩸 or pain...

6 weeks pregnant ultrasound nothing but showed nothing but yolk sac
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6 weeks is normal.. As baby still small.. Wait for next check up.. I had a miscarriage before too.. When to doc at 6 weeks too.. But end up a miscarriage after 9 weeks.. As no fetal pole inside.. The best to see gynae is arnd 12 weeks like what i did for my now pregnancy..

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Better to go before 12 weeks as u need to go for the down syndrome test before ur 12 weeks or 13 weeks.. I forget.. Sorry.. Hehe

That little tiny dot in the yolk sac looks like your baby though. Or is it my eyes... well don’t worry so much, it’s probably too early to see anything for now.. come back at 8/10 weeks or as advised by your gynae. :)

I think its okay! Mine was completely empty with negative urine and blood test. They even went for scope camera to checked and its empty. My baby appeared on scan only when its 3month plus!! Shocking🤯

Yes, is normal.. last time i went to scan at 6weeks also only sac.. visited after two weeks then can detect heartbeat.. I’d misscarriage before too. Don’t worry

Same like mine. I was worried at first too but then I came back after 2 weeks and we can detect the heartbeat. Sometimes it’s too early.... I am now 13 weeks pregnant.

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hi! jane...how was your last scan ?

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Don’t stress yourself too much. If gynae didn’t raise any concern, then everything should be fine ◡̈ congrats!

Maybe the embryo embedded late only. Can check the next week or so for heartbeat. Dun worry!

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Heartbeat can be detected from 9 weeks onwards only, don't worry :)

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It is definitely normal. 😊


That's normal!