Types Down Syndromes tests available

I’m 41 this year and at 5.4 weeks in my 1st trimester now. Has 2 healthy boys through normal delivery. Due to my age, I would like to know what are the options / series of tests available to test for Down Syndromes / abnormalities development. Any suggestions? What are the tests that the Dr will advise to go for ? Thank you for the advises if any.

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Super Mum

At 12 weeks, you can do the usual OSCAR test (cheaper), which uses your blood samples and the nuchal translucency test to determine the risk of Downs Syndrome. The newer tests (Harmony/NIPT) are more expensive, but might be able to give you a more accurate picture. Again, this is a blood test that they’ll do on you. You’ll also usually be able to determine baby’s gender with this test at 12 weeks. If the tests show a higher risk of Downs in your baby, they may still offer tests like amniocentesis (drawing out some fluid to test) for confirmation of results. There is a 0.5% risk of miscarriage with this procedure.

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Thanks for the details. It is very helpful.