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Hi I’m 37weeks pregnant.. doctor said my baby still in extended breech position.. given date for ECV.. but baby’s position still extended breech.. dr said in order to do ECV baby must be in flexed position.. I’m sad and blank bows.. anyone encounter such a situation before?

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sy msa 23w, bby melintang ja...tu pun scan dkt swasta...risau ja dgr, tp Dr ckp its ok bleh pusing sy bca byk kt google page dsb, bykkn brsujud dn lama (1-2)...msa buat detail scan 26w, bby dh normal dkt bwah smua...last scan 33w kt Kkia pun dh trun...smoga bby stay smpai brsalin...

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ibu2 yg bpglmn ble bkgsi, smga dpt mbntu ptnyaan ni, ☺️ #TAPactiveusers