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Hi, I'm 33 weeks pregnant. I've been having these sharp pains on my pelvic/lower abdomen area. The pain varies on different day different timings of the day and I have been fasting too. The first day it happened after I break my fast and lasted for a few hours. The second day it came with stomachache that made me want to pass motion. The following day I didn't fast and there wasn't any pain. The next day the pain came around 3 pm and lasted almost until night time. It comes and go throughout but when it came it lasted for hours. Should I inform my doctor about this or should I just monitor? I don't think it's braxton hicks since it doesn't go away. I'm not sure if it's contractions because it doesn't seem to be like it. What should I do? Currently having the pain and keep passing gas and feel like wanting to pass motion.

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I went to delivery suite when I got check up today. Just to monitor baby to ensure the pain doesn't affect my child. I was advised by physiotherapist to wear maternity belt to tighten my pelvic to decrease the level of pain and gave me some paracetamol that is safe for pregnant women to take when its painful. It was so painful till I cried last night. I just bought just in case I couldn't take the pain. I'll try my best to tahan. It got better in the morning. I'm just 30 weeks pregnant.

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Im 37 weeks now, having pelvic pain too. Especially when lying on bed turning around and walking. If walk too much on the day, the next day i cant walk due to the pain is too strong. But have checked with my doctor few days back and she said is very common because baby is pressing below. If you are worried you may want to check with your doctor 😊

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I'm 31 weeks pregnant now and facing the exact same situation. Went to KK emergency last Saturday and doctor said it's very normal. She didn't even check much, just the heartbeat of baby and said everything should be fine. Unless there is bleeding or very unbearable pain then panic.

This happened to my sister too during her pregnancy. Doc said its normal due to baby position and theres nth much they can do about it also.

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Best to consult your gynaecologist asap take care!

Yes, you should check with your gynae