sharp pain on my left hip. 12 weeks pregnant.

Hi lovely community. Ive been having this sharp pain on the left side of my hip. Somewhere in the middle of my left butt area. Every time when I stepped on my left it'll shot a sharp pain that made me go ouch out loud. Occasionally I also have lower back pain. I'm small and petite. My tummy isnt really showing that much and my weigh havent gone up yet so I'm just wondering, should I be concern about this? Seek professional help or what? It's getting worst day by day. As in the sharp pain is increasing in frequency as well as intensity. It can even make me go limping for a while after a sharp pain attack. =(

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I had a similar issue too and I couldn’t quite pinpoint where the pain was coming from except that it was somewhere in the left butt area.. it kinda went away after a few months but I do think swimming might have helped me cos I went Swimming for a couple of times

I had it too for almost like two weeks plus. on my right butt. it so pain everytime i wanna stand, lie down and walk. it effects my daily activities and plus i have 1yr old.what i did is did some stretching and now its gone.

I have it too, gynae said it could be due to spine and nerve that being pressed. Need to see spine doctor for further advise. Gynae also advised to keep good posture when sitting or walking

Experiencing the same on my right. And I can’t exactly pinpoint where’s the pain is

Seek professional help is always the best

Super Mum

Hi mummy, it's best to see a Dr.