No baby kicks yet 😭

Hi im 20 weeks now but i havent felt any baby kicks yet, is this normal?

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All my children I felt ard 17weeks and its small soft punches. Maybe cos I am small sized and like my tummy is all squeezed alrdy heeeee.. But i read up average is ard 22 weeks. U wil feel flutters. Gradually change to soft kicks. I am anxious abt 26 wks on where they wil start grinding the tummy hehehe. Sometimes pain, sometimes u just stop breathing for that moment cos it squeeze ur esophagus area.

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It depends on your placenta position as well, anterior position creates a cushion between the baby and you hence lesser feel for baby movements

possible, especially if it's your first child. or it could be because it's so subtle you didn't notice

same here. I'm at 21 weeks now, and no kicks or prominent movement yet...

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Oh thanks Hasina for the feedback! Just being paranoid here 😂

Yes normal. My kick come around week 23 and is very faint

Mine came around 23/24! Now my ger so busy in there...