3rd Trimester

i'm on my 1st day of week 28 by doctor's count but my baby measured bigger than it supposed to be..my amniotic fluid is in big amount and i'm having very bad edema on my feet till u can't see my ankle..my weight is 70.8kg now from 50kg..should I worry about my pregnancy development?

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Tulis jawapan

it sounds serious. private or government hospital? normally if private hospital and u have such symptom doc will put u on close monitoring already. I'm on my 31 weeks now and my before pregnancy weight was 67kg, current weight is 68.6 kg at 31 weeks.. due to me already being slightly obese before pregnancy that doc already start very close monitoring on my weight gain in the beginning of my 1st trimester. I don't have morning sickness, no edema, no swelling and attend prenatal yoga class on a weekly basis..

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I have face this before during my first child pregnancy.. From 70kg to 120kg.. After given birth my weight drop to 96kg and its big baby.. 4kg.. Then have jaundice for about a week plus..

20kg is a lot and you're only 28 weeks. sth to be concern lah. what did the doc said?