Sushi Cravings

I'm 19wks plus almost to 20. and im craving for sushi. is it alright for me to eat them??..

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Hello! My gynae has advised that it’s ok to eat salmon sashimi even (when prepared properly), but for me i prefer to avoid all even cooked ones like tamago as it’s likely to be prepared in the same area as the raw stuff. If you really are craving, gynae gives the go ahead, and your pregnancy isnt a complicated one - i’d say go for it only at well established jap restaurants and by that i dont mean chains like Sushi Tei or Ichiban Boshi. Places where you can actually see your food being prepared.

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My gynae also advised that it's OK. Said that the issue is clean food and not about whether it's raw. As such, if you really want to, would suggest you go to a restaurant where you feel assured about the quality.

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Best to avoid cos u do not know whether they got handle the non raw properly anot. Usually they use knife to cut all the sushi they might touch till raw.

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It’s better not to eat raw food now. Maybe some cooked sushi. Go to a reputable restaurant or prepare them yourself

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It is advisable not to, but an occasional indulgence should be okay. I had some ikura and ebiko while pregnant

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No raw food thru out my preg. I aslo avoid sushi because I do not know how they prep in their kitchen

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I ate cooked ones like the cooked prawns, tamago, cooked salmon, unagi:)

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Yes, just eat in moderation if there is raw food.

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I ate lol but very occasionally

Eat the cooked ones Not raw