Is Pearl Milk Tea ok?

I'm at 16w now and have been craving for Pearl Milk Tea. I have been drinking it almost every day. Some said it is not good. Is it true? It's my first baby and first pregnancy. I'm getting stress because of this. Because i have drank so much and just got to know.

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Hi there, pls cut down not only your bbt cravings but also other sugar intake. you may indugle in your cravings once in a while (maybe have a cheat day once a week). We will be going to take our GD test during our week 24-28..gynae suggest not to intake any sugar during the 1 mth before your GD test. I am a person who cannot live without my sweet cravings so just start to look for some healthier replacement. In my case, I drink reduced sugar soya bean milk when I craving for bbt or can just share with hubby (I drink 20% the rest he drink😏).

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1mo ago

Thank u for the sharing mummy! i think a good idea for me to share with my hubby instead😘

I drink bbt almost daily! But I switch it up with the non milk tea versions ever since I got pregnant lol. I also replace the pearls with something healthier like rainbow jelly or aloe vera. A little goes a long way but I drink in moderation and order 0% sugar. Sometimes I crave for the chewiness of the pearls so I cheat at times. 🤣 when it’s near my GD test I curb my cravings and stop drinking for abt a week or 2.

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i am a bubble tea addict but in order to avoid gestational diabetes which can become a pretty serious condition, i skipped this beverage throughout my pregnancy. But take a few sips once in a while though, when i crave for it 😜 Moderation is the key.

Yeah, not good to drink everyday. Don’t be stressed about what has happened. Just try to drink moderately from now on. Go for 25% or 0% if you want to drink. All will be fine. Don’t worry ok. Not good for you and baby.

I start drinking bbt alot when i hit 2nd trim. Always craving for it. So far baby is ok and healthy. But, drink in moderation just to satisfy your craving. If can don't drink maybe a sip or two would be better.

Best not to drink bubbletea everyday as it’s high in caffeine and sugar, which might lead to having gestational diabetes. I drank at least once or twice a month after i pass my GD test 😬

don worry. tbh, i had bubble tea almost everyday when i had my first kid. but most of the time i share with my hub. just drink in moderation and don forget your plain water too:)

I was drinking bbt everyday throughout my pregnancy. 🤭 however you might want to control your sugar level if you dont want an oversize baby. Dont need to feel stress about this!

1mo ago

thank u mummy! I'm relieved 😘

if im not wrong, milk tea contains caffeine and high amount of sugar. drinking almost everyday is definitely not good. once a week is fine.

i drank once a week thru out my pregnancy. its fine, i hv normal size baby n no GD. remb to control sugar lvl for ur other food as well