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I'm 15 weeks today and my family members wants me to abort the baby as well as the father of my child. Even threatened to take away my child once i give birth. My dad and some of my family members (aunt, and close cousins) are really super supportive. But im stressing out on how to deal with this matter, i can barely sleep at night. Ugh ?

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Hi dear, if you want to keep the baby, just keep it. It’s going to be rough, and a long journey ahead, but if you’re willing to do all you can for your baby, even with limited support, then do it. You must definitely be stressed, and you’re probably pretty young, but this is your moment to grow into an adult and take in the responsibility of being a mum. If you feel you’re up for it, this community is more than happy to support you. Also go and see social workers, get all the help you can from family social service centres, etc. The father of the baby has no right to decide whether you keep the baby or not, especially if he’s not going to be around. Just leave him. As for your family, that’s going to be more tricky to settle, but if you’ve made your decision, then speak to the people who are supportive and let them know that you really want to keep the baby. I know you’re stressed, but you need to put in time and effort now to go read up on how to care for this baby, and plan on how to make things work.. care wise, financially, etc. It’s not easy, and the more help you can get, the better. Show the opposers that no matter what, you’re now a mum and want to take responsibility for this baby. The following 9 weeks are going to be very difficult as they try to pressurise you into abortion (before the 24-week deadline). Keep posting here if it helps you, or talk to someone you can trust. There are also multiple organisations you can seek help from. This is just one of them: I know people around you aren’t saying this enough but, Congratulations on making 15 weeks, dear:) Pregnancy is tough and motherhood is even tougher, but it is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me, and I wish the same for you ❤️

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❤️ If you need someone to talk to, you can email me at [email protected] :)

I’m telling you, based on experience, you will regret for the rest of your life if you terminate your pregnancy. What if this is the only chance you can get pregnant? Bad luck will follow you for the rest of your life. Right after I had my abortion when I was about 18, I met with a car accident. I had to sell off my car. I lost my job. My bf cheated on me. I got thrown out of my own house. I had to stay alone for 2 years some days with no food. I thought I had friends who could support me but nope, none of them could. All of them were too young to support me. They also didn’t want to get into trouble with their own parents. So my advice is, keep the baby. You have your father and others who are really Super supportive, damn girl what else are you asking for? I had NO ONE supporting me. If you need to work, then do it. Get help from Social workers, do research online, like this app is full of great supporters, we are always willing to help those in need, those going through pregnancy alone. All the best and take care.

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I aborted once just because my parents weren't supportive of it . They signed without asking whether I want to keep it or not - I was 15 years old and my baby was alr 20 weeks old . The whole period after abortion was TORTUROUS, becoz you will feel guilty af etc . So my advice for you is, keep the baby ❤️ It may be really difficult coz not everyone is supportive, but the main thing is you . Dont let other people make decision for you . Choose your path, your own decision . If you're younger than 16 or etc , try to find helps from MSF etc , see if they can render you any help . Throughout everything, please dont stress yourself or anything, be positive and happy . Think for your baby at least okie ❤️ Hope things will go well for you! ❤️

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As long as you have supporters and one of your parent's support you're good. Try to get them to ensure that they will cntinue help take care of your baby while you are recovering. And don't worry. You cn try to warn the nurses and doctors of the fear of your newborn being taken away from you, which i think is impossible for them as security for newborns are pretty tight. They wont allow other ppl other than mums to take the baby. But you can still alert the staff abt your concerns during your labour. Pls pls pls do not abort. Im scared you mite forver regret if you do so. Or maybe alil difficult to conceive nxt time. Im not sure. Pls stay safe. Or you cn report police?

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How old are you? Are you financially stable? Its okay, you still have ur dad and the others if you need financial support. Abortion is never in my dictionary. Its sinful to kill an innocent baby. Keep it okay. 💗 stay strong!

I had a miscarriage and you wouldn't know how much u want this baby until u lost if u want it, seek help from govn, I believe there must be some helps u could get from someone else!

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Who do you stay with? Is your current location safe?

3y ago

Hi. I'm currently staying with my aunt and her hubby, not supportive about my pregnancy.