Worried 15wks

Hello. I'm 15 weeks and will only be having a scan in about 2 weeks time. The last scan was 3 weeks ago which makes it more than a month. Is it normal to feel worried about baby in the womb and any idea to know if baby is okay without seeing the gynae? Just worried and anxious. Thank you.

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Super Mum

I was constantly anxious too 😅 Especially since baby hadn’t started kicking yet. I guess I chose to channel the energy into doing things instead of thinking too much. Heh. I ordered some things for the baby and also continued working hard at my job.. did some baking and other hobbies. That helped till I reached the next scan:)

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2y ago

Hi Cherlyn, thank you! I would try keep myself occupied and to be more positive about this! ☺️