Hi I'll be turning 39 weeks 1 day next week Friday can I request my gyne to induce me? It's my wedding anniversary and would be nice if baby is born on that day. Tommorw is my appointment.

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Baby's safety come first. It's best to let nature take its course. I was induced at 40 weeks (EDD) itself. I had complication after birth because it was an induced birth. I don't advise getting induced unless baby is at 40 weeks and still no sign of labour.

inducing does not necessarily means the baby will come out on that very day. there are cases whereby some have to induce but baby refused to come out and they have to do emergency c-sect. i will advice against it, just let baby come out naturally 😊

Shouldn't be any issue on date as baby would be considered almost a full term baby. However the best person to advice you will be your gynae. I induced my labour on the day I was 39weeks pregnant. Reason was because I was already 2cm dilated.

Super Mum

I was induced and managed to deliver naturally but I heard of mummies going for emergency c sect as baby doesn’t want to come out and water bag already burst by the gynae. Do talk to your gynae for advice

I wouldn’t want my baby birthday to be same as my anniversary. Because I will end up celebrate baby birthday instead of anniversary . And most important, health and safety of baby come first

Should be fine but i wouldnt advise inducing, there is a chance that baby might get distress and no progress and you might end up csection.

Just letting nature take its course is the best, while it is nice to have the two life events coincide, baby's safety is most important.

Isn't it more important to consider it medically than your anniversary date?

Me tooooo 39 weeks and 3 days no IE How do I know if my cervix is dilated already? Im

if u do get induce, do consider epidural.. it will really help in pain management