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I’m 39 weeks day 2 tmr, and i will be going for my appointment tmr. Will the doctor do the cervix check? If i’m still not dilating, can i choose to induced on the same day? I’m already tired and can’t wait to see my baby #firstbaby

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yours is under KK? mine under NUH; the last appointment i had was last week. only then they asked if i want to check if my cervix is opening up. i consented to it to see if i'm progressing. if your doc does not ask you, maybe you can ask them if it is possible for them to check. also, if you do not have any complications, i don't think induce is necessary unless needed be as advised by doc or gynae. trust me i'm 5 days away and i can't wait too but i feel like you can try other ways to encourage inducing maybe.

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9mo ago

I’m 5 days away tooo, and i have successfully induced

It depends on the gynae actually. My gynae never did any cervix check nor seen my pp before labour. The first time he saw my pp was when I was asked to push. My friend’s gynae did cervix check around week 37 onwards. You can request for your gynae to check then request to induce if he or she allows. Goodluck!

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9mo ago

Mine is under subsidised. So different doctors every visit. I will check with the attending doctor tomorrow and see how it goes. Thank you :)


Typically your ob won't 'allow' an induction without any medical reasons on the same day of your gynae appointment or if you're not even dilating. However, you can request to induce on another day if you're really anxious to see your baby really soon.

9mo ago

Thank you! My only worry is because i had GDM. Though now everything is under control, it still worries me if baby has grown a tad too big for a normal delivery.

Update?? Did they check?

9mo ago

All the best mummy!