Minimalist hospital bag?

I’ll be delivering at KKH (Ward B2+ subsidised) in early July and am planning to start packing my hospital bag this couple of weeks. Any tips from mummies who delivered at KKH recently on what will be provided so I don’t have to bring them? Plus what are the absolute essentials?? I am quite a no-frills person so I like to pack light haha. Am quite prepared to just wear the hospital gown plus go bra-less too so no need for night gowns or nursing bra. PS: Heard that there won’t be any goodie bags given too during this circuit breaker period :( hopefully there will be in July.

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Hi! Have you delivered? I’ll be delivering in October. Mind sharing the bill for Ward B2+ subsidised? How deposit and how much was the total bill payable after Medisave? And also, what did they provide during the hospital stay? Would like to pack my hospital bag too 😅

tbh i didn’t pack anything the day i had to deliver, brought charger & a set of clothes for both me n baby & swaddle for discharge. everything else like diapers & pads were provided. maybe u can bring nipple cream if you’re planning to breastfeed incase of sore nipples

2y ago

yes, toiletries only provided for A/B1 patients!

I gave birth in Mar at KKH. Baby diaper, disposable panties, pad are all provided. Basically you just need to bring a set of clothes for yourself and baby during discharge and also phone charger.

2y ago

Toiletries not provided for subsidies patient. So maybe you can bring some basic toiletries. Usually if you have no complications and go through natural birth you will be discharge the next day. Oh yes during admission please bring along your KK booklet.