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Hi mummies and mummies to be. I’m going to give birth soon and am just wondering how many set of nursing bras do you guys normally prepare. I’ve 2 nursing bras at the moment and wonder if it’s sufficient. And what do you guys pack for your hospital bag. First time mum so am quite clueless.

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I've never even brought a nursing bra for all my 4 births cos you'll be wearing nothing underneath you except for panties so easier to breastfeed your baby. I only brought a normal bra with me to go home with since milk hasn't come out yet which normally comes the next day onwards for me. I only wear a nursing bra at home when I've start to produce milk. Just bring along a breast pad if you've already start to leak. Items to bring : Set of clothes & undergarment to go home with for you and baby (booties, mittens, cap if needed and a swaddle) Cardigan/jacket as it may get cold. Toiletries, hp charger, your I/C & admission letter/form. Baby's carseat if your spouse is driving you home. Otherwise no need. Just carry baby and take a cab home (not grab or they'll reject you). I've also never brought a breastpump along with me cos I always like to go light and not troublesome cos I'll only be staying for a day or 2 (for vaginal birth). I directly latched my baby even w/o milk. Unless you hire a lactation nurse then maybe you'll need to bring or can rent from the hospital. Good luck!

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Hmm i just brought one.. cos during delivery i didnt wear underneath the maternity gown.. as for the list u can just google for some.. depends on the ward u chose, for mine alr had toiletries so didnt had to bring that..