If your preschool isn't within walking distance, how do you organise your transport situation to ensure your child is safe and punctual?

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Both of my kids taking school bus. I feel it is less tiring for them to travel with public transport too. However, one big drawback for the school bus is bad peer influence as they will mix with other students in the bus. If school bus journey is more than 30minutes I will say the school is quite far and the kid might find it tiring in the long journey. Another option is to hire a taxi driver. When my daugther was in N1, I let a trusted taxi driver to fetch her to and come back from school. He calculated the fare based on the meter and add 10% surcharge. However, compare with school bus, school bus is a better option in terms of safety as there will be an aunty in the bus to take care of the kids.

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Most preschools will have school bus transport services which you can arrange with. They usually charge based on distance and whether it's one way or 2 way. You will also need to check how long your child will be on the bus. Usually it's around 30 mins. If this option doesn't work out, there is also the option of private car transport providers but they are more hard to find and costly. I guess you should find a preschool that's either near to where you live or where you work.

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I take them to school myself in the mornings before I go to work myself. And in the afternoons, my parents help me fetch them. We take the bus each time. I know some moms who take the bus and trains everyday. Have you thought about carpooling with the classmates or taking the school bus?

Have you check on their school bus service? Usually some centre would cater school bus for students who are staying further or do not have anyone that is available to pick the child up. If not you could maybe also considering getting your parents to help on the sending and fetching.

My husband sends my boy to school in the mornings and I'll pick him up in the evenings. On days when we both aren't available to pick him up, I'll hire a private car to make a round trip from my place to pick up my helper, then to my son's school and back.

Hi. I'm also looking for a private car to pickup my pri 1 child from school? Any contacts??


Helper takes the bus in the morning with little one

Husband sends and I pick up

Husband sends, i pick up