If ive already heat up milk(expressed milk and keep it in fridge for a couple of hours) in warm water, untouched by baby, can i keep it back in the fridge? Hw long can it last before it spoil?

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Hello, I would recommend to be safe not to fridge and rewarm breastmilk again. Previously my baby didn’t drank the breastmilk we gave, put in room temperature and rewarm again. It caused him to have intestinal infection, just that single bottle can cause that and he was popping blood out. So afterwards I did a lot of reading. To play safe, if u have heated up your breastmilk. Leave it at room temperature and give at next feed in room temperature. It’s okay for baby to drink milk at room temperature especially it’s breastmilk. Cuz breastmilk have anti-bacterial bodies. Safe for consumption if left in room temperature. But if it is heated, I usually will discard after 1 hour (if I didn’t remember wrongly it’s up to 4 hours if heated & 6 hours if it’s not heated) please check with PD & cross check with research! Bec I can’t totally remember the time frame 😅 But after that incident I always play safe to discard. Discarding breastmilk can put into good use like pouring them into your baby’s bath water as well. So it’s not totally wasting it still. Hope my experience helps

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This are the guidelines. But as for myself, once I heated up my milk I wouldn’t keep it back to the fridge, I would just leave it in a bowl of warm water and make sure baby consume it within an hour.

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Yup, i did that before. Kept it back in the fridge and warm it up again for the next feeding. Guess you can do a smell/taste test to check if it has turned sour or bad before feeding ur baby.


best not to only heat up when baby's is ready to drink so the nutrients will be still there

Anyone experience lo not drinking expressed BM but still will latch?

How long can I keep on room temp once I mix formula milk?

I would keep it warm and and then let bb consume within the hour

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Yes. Can be rewarmed once but be sure to do a taste/smell taste

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Hi mummy, I will try to feed baby within the hour

1 hour only