Postnatal plan

If you had to choose one, will you rather get a postnatal massage plan or confinement food plan? This is with the assumption that, without confinement food plan ordered, simple meals will be homecooked (by hubby or mum) based on layman’s knowledge on confinement food.

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Massage. thats the time when you can really relax your body. the layman knowledge for food is sufficient. most importantly is the daily tonic soup which you can buy from Chinese pharmacy. take some birdnest, chicken essence or DOM in hot water if you want.

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I would go for the massage plan. Confinement food is easy. You don’t necessarily need lavish meals, just include receipes that can “bu” your body.

massage. my massage aunty said it helps to lift the womb and correcting the ovaries back to their original position

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Postnatal’s really worth it for our body to recover

massage. u can cook own food, but cant massage urself 😁

postnatal massage ..

Confinement food