Breastfeeding journey

If anyone decide, she not gonna breastfeed her baby, you just have to shut up and support coz its never easy. If a mom decide to carry on to breastfeed the baby, it means she willing to stand with the pain, giving her time, all to have her baby in comfort and have the best nutrient. Or maybe to become any normal mom coz someone say you need to do this. Idk if anyone say it easy or suggest to follow the fb breasfeeding journey or any blog. Its still not as easy as it looks My energy after df 📉 feel like dont wanna do anything after it. The frustration when the baby didnt fall sleep after. The tiredness, the sharp pain, the thirst

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You don’t have to mind apa yang orang cakap yk. I czer, and I also don’t have much energy to bf. I stopped before my baby turned 2 month. Susu memang banyak, but I know myself. I know that I am tired and I need to rest, so I stop pushing myself. Masa checkup baby, doctor asked me if I am still bf. I said no, i bagi fm. Then doctor cakap nanti baby takkan rapat dengan i bila dah besar. I tanya reason, dia cakap sebab bf eratkan hubungan mak & anak. Which is hilarious. I anak angkat, i never bf, yet my bonding with my mother is so strong. Takde kaitan pon with bf. Then ada jugak yang cakap if tak bf, anak senang sakit. Alhamdulillah my daughter minum fm je but tak pernah lagi sakit, and I hope it stay that way. But yeah, people should stop “menghasut” and buat orang fikir negative. Kita kena amalkan istilah “you do you”. Respect orang punya decision, no need to question it. Tak payah bagi nasihat pon, sebab before we decide something mesti kita dah fikir thoroughly

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