Ideally, we want our toddler and baby on the way to grow up with a yaya, but at what age is it appropriate to dismiss the service of a yaya? We don't think it's necessary after a while, but to any parents who had yayas up to a certain point, how old were your kids?

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It really depends on what you make the yaya do. Does she just make food? Or maybe she's like the bantay of your baby in school, etc. I've always had a yaya and when I grew up I just slowly started being more independent on my own. I think you'll know the right time when needed a yaya is not a need anymore :)

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If both parents are working, meaning both going to office. Having a yaya is still ideal until 11 y.o. The kid needs somebody to bring him or her to the school and pick him or her up after the classes especially nowadays that kidnappers are preying on students.