Any idea what to buy for teachers day gift?

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Homemade easy and cheap gift. Try this out DIY handsome :) Print some stickers, get some ribbons, edit and revamp :) well handsoap somehow reminds me of teachers. Maybe cause they always remind and get us to wash our hands especially when we are in Preschool. Dont we often say it to our children too. Have a blessed weekend.

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6y ago

How you get such awesome stickers!

my mum is a teacher and she normally get mugs, vase and other useless things which would normally clutter our house. stationary is much suitable as the they will use it to good use. maybe get a pencil case with pens, markers, stapler and other good stuff.calculator is useful too.

make your own Teachet's Day card....teacher will b very appreciate it with your own effort n at d same time teaching ur kids not to waste money n im sure teachers' too encourage d kids to make their own card.

A handmade card or letter would be ideal. I think stationery would be useful as well, like red pens, or even a notebook. Doesn't have to be expensive, it's really the thought behind it usually :)

I always buy pens for teachers because they use red pens a lot and stickers too as they can give to some children for good work done.

Fruits? Apples, strawberries, peaches, grapes etc. Just go supermarket and use some Daiso pretty wrapping bags can do the trick. :)

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Mug or maybe some personalized gift as recently i saw there's some trend in personalized gift such as pen, mug or even cushion ☺

A mug with a positive quote on it. Or chocolates or even vouchers for dining in restaurants that they can use with their families

Handmade card by the kid will be the best gift to give. my mum's a teacher she still keeps those cards mentioning her students.

Let your child draw and get a custom made merchandize from your child own art.

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