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I am a working mom until this pandemic starts unfortunately I was one of those employees who got lay off. 😒 spending my full time now as a mom and I feel exhausted. Dont get me wrong I am more than happy to be with my kids and taking good care of them. But I dont know i feel so lonely I feel so so tired. Everyday is just the same routine 😒 I dont know what to say I feel so empty ugly etc 😭😭😭

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Hi mommy! Full time mom here also. No work since i got married then i became pregnant. And due to having a high risk pregnancy, i needed also to have bed rest. My child is now 20 months and still.. I am focused on taking care of her and stuck to our everyday routine. I’ve been claiming i have ppd due to mood swings and mom rage and maybe due to boredom and feeling of worthlessness. Yet last Sunday, i was able to attend the moly mass lead by fr. orbos. He says that happiness is a choice and now i am choosing to be happy everyday. Count your blessings. Look at your children. We are in-control of our own lives. I hope you find your own true happiness also. God bless!

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