Appetite in second trimester

I wonder how are others moms'appetite in your 2nd trimester? I am currently at my 17 weeks, wouldn't say that my appetite is fully back. I eat only because I'm hungry, but with no appetite and I am not really enjoying my foods. No specific foods cravings... Wonder whether it will be much better in coming weeks....

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ending my second trimester soon & i only eat when im hungry! Sometimes, i dont have much appetite or any idea of what to eat, due to acid reflux but its fine. Stay hydrated which is important! As long as doctor says that baby’s percentile if fine, I wouldn’t worry much. But the elders have been extremely annoying asking me to eat for two. Like how am I supposed to stuff food down my throat when im barely hungry or have an appetite???!!

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I am at week 15. The appetite grew quite suddenly 2 weeks ago. I have been hungry so often. What I do is to control my intake by breaking up the meals. I have a light meal every 2 hrs. Eg: peanut butter sandwich, few spoonfuls of fried rice, 2 slices of pizza, yogurt with blueberries, glass of soy milk. When I spread them across the day, I can keep eating while making sure I am not overeating. Takes a lot of discipline thou.

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I’m 22 weeks now. Appetite is back but I am very cautious with what I eat - less oil, nothing sugary, low carb, etc . Eat when necessary.. what you want is the nutrients, not the extra calories & stubborn fats after delivery. HAHAH

Same! At my 16 week now & my kg still dropping but during the monthly doctor appt, baby's growing so doctor say it should be fine, probably experience weight gain in another 2-3 weeks!

20w now, appetite still normal. just eat when feeling hungry, food cravings still ok not a must to have haha wont be too upset. just eat whatever that i can get.

Still eating a lot but lesser than first tri. Now at 15w, super easily full so I have to eat very slow.

it’s normal, some mummies are the same too. as long as you’re eating, don’t have to worry so much