Bunnies and pregnancy risks

I was watching an episode of Big Bang Theory and Sheldon was warning pregnant Bernadette against the dangers of hot tubs, bath bombs and rodents like bunnies. So after googling it I learned that bunnies are a carrier of LCMV, a virus that causes miscarriage and birth defects. I don't think this is widely known, as most of the active carriers and research are pertaining to rats, may I know if anyone has kept rabbits while pregnant or had researched the risks? Thanks!

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Update! I checked in with the SG society I adopted the rabbits from, LCMV hasn't been detected in SG so far. SG rabbits are generally domesticated so they are unlikely to have been exposed, so that's a relief!

sorry i don’t have a rabbit but thanks for enlightening about bath bombs!! was planning to do one during my upcoming staycation but guess shouldn’t

9mo ago

According to Sheldon he says it increases chances of infection, but I think a good brand one should be fine! I was on staycay (horrible TV channels hence the BBT) and had bought a Lush bomb that night so I went to its website and it stated it's safe for pregnancy use.

Pregnant with a bunny! My gynae told me its ok to have pet at home… as long u didn’t clean the urine.. let ur husband do the cleaning…

have a pet bunny who was(and still is) free roam during my pregnancy. n bunny r not categorised as rodents. dont worry about it.

same, preggy with 2 bunnies. all is well! thanks for the info.

Interesting finding! I’ve only heard that we go to the zoo.

in Singapore, its safe to be preg ard house bunnies

I'm pregnant and I have 5 bunnies 🤷🏻‍♀️