Pregnancy after missed miscarriage.

Earlier this year, during my 20weeks checkup, instead of a gender reveal, I found out my baby had no heartbeat. Doc ruled it as a missed miscarriage at 16weeks as I had no symptoms indicating miscarriage- no bleeding or painful cramps. This was my 3rd pregnancy, I have given birth to two healthy kids prior to the miscarriage. I'm currently pregnant, 15weeks now. I've been feeling so scared of my current pregnancy due to my missed miscarriage. It was tough having to go thru the experience thus my emotions is like a rollercoaster. Has any mommies experience the same thing and had a successful pregnancy thereafter?

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hi, may I check how did the hospital deal with your MMC at 16th week? I was supposed to be in 15th week and had routine scan to find out the fetus stopped growing at week 12 ish and I had no symptoms. kkh gave me a pill to eat and scheduled me tmr for pills insert to soften the cervix for clearing it out. I am trying to find out the process and pain level so as to prepare myself. understand if u do not want to speak about it in case it reminds u.

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11mo ago

Hi, I'm so sorry for the late reply as I didn't get notifications. I hope you are coping well now. I do understand how you are feeling. They insert a pill to soften the cervix at around 4pm and I gave birth normally at around 8.30pm. The pain level is bearable as baby is not big yet. How are you now? I pray that all is well for you 😘

I do understand. I have faced the same with my second and third pregnancies. I strictly adhered to my doctors' guidelines for the fourth time. I had to have some hormone vaccine, As I had a hormone issue. Finally, I received a healthy baby boy as my second child. Take care. God blessed you.

1y ago

Thank you for your kind words and advise! ❤️ it's reassuring to know I'm not the only one who felt this way. God bless you too. Take care & stay safe ❤️❤️