i was latching on dd during my ML and boby started to sync with baby's feeding. after i go back to work and started pumping, my body seems no longer in sync with my baby's feeding. now she sometimes sleep thru the night yet my boobs are up for pumping in the middle of the night. any other mumies have similar issues? how do you resolve this?

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Before I went back to work, I direct latched the whole day. I never had a habit of waking up in the middle of the night to pump though. That could explain why my supply is quite low when I pump. There doesn't seem to be any difference when I latch though. I turn to my baby and latch her at night (dreamfeed) and she does suckle in her sleep. Maybe you can try that as well?

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4y ago

bb sleeps in her bed though the bed is just beside me. if she sleeps well, i dun really wanna wake her up. i stop dreamfeed her when she started to sttn.