Why anonymous?

I was just going through the posts and noticed so many questions are asked anonymously. Even the very basic ones. Most of the answers are also shared anonymously. I wonder why? What was your reason?

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My honest opinion would be, there’s often no rights and wrongs but by being anonymous it allows me to avoid the feeling of being judged and any prejudice. For example, I feel that the way you think this is how people connect is different from how other people feel connected over here. I don’t see why we need to see a name to feel connected? This community is also for people to voice out things they wouldn’t if it’s in their name. I could talk about my mil, sil and husband without being fear someone would know me and judge. When people asked if this service is good, by being anonymous I can say omg this service sucks and be truthful abt it so people could reconsider But if I can’t be anonymous about it, then sorry I wouldn’t want anyone to know how I feel about certain things especially negative ones. But don’t get me wrong that I’m always anonymous, I do show my name when I saw mothers that made me feel they need someone to talk to, or people in a bad mental state. When it comes to this, i think I should show my name so this person can talk to me if they want and I would help them in real life.

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I use anonymous based on my mood. 😅 There are many reasons why choose anonymous. 1. They just want privacy does not matter simple questions or not. It is simple as that. 2. They worry friends and family might see their posts and they want to keep their pregnancy in the down low especially if it is a high risk one. 3. Some just want answers, not connections. 4. They worry the questions or sharing is a 'stupid' one and don't want to be judged. I mean, post anonymously also some people are bothered by it. Let alone being judged for asking/sharing something. lol. Just let them be and let's focus on more helping each other.✌🏻

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Some people just want their own space and privacy. Let us comment in peace anonymously.

privacy bc i know few of my SIL are here 😶‍🌫️

privacy? wouldn't want the whole world to know your pain

4mo ago

i think it is more to connect with their experiences. u dont need a name to connect with same experiences that could help as someone else been through that before.

what is your problem with being anonymous though.

I'm shy