Does taking epidural cause delay in getting pregnant again?

Hi all! So previously, i took epidural for the delivery of my son. So we are planning for another baby, but it has been negative so far. I was wondering if me taking epidural back then was the reason why i cannot seem to conceive again. #advicepls

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Don’t think so, I’m pregnant again 3 months after my first born with epidural. But also this fast because I stopped breastfeeding very early and had regular period cycle.

2mo ago

I delivered via vaginal though so I think still not so bad but even like that my doc did say is abit too fast. He did recommend me to have another child only after 1year so my body can recuperate. I have friends that were pregnant soon after c sect and delivered safely. So don’t worry so much first, check with your doctor! 😘

don't think taking epidural affects fertility subsequently. All of my mommy friends took epidural during labour and most went on to have another child..

I’m not sure, but I had emergency c-sect for my firstborn in Oct 2020 and am pregnant again 14 months later. I’m giving birth in Aug 2022.

No it does not affect. My sister had epidural for all her pregnancies, she has 5 kids. All 1 year apart.

Nope, got pregnant again after 4.5 months. Took epidural

absolutely not. I got pregnant just few months after