Blighted ovum miscarriage

Hi, I was diagnosed with blighted ovum miscarriage at week 7. Gynae advised to let miscarriage occur naturally i.e I’m waiting for bleeding to occur now at week 8 and still coping with morning sickness and nausea. Anyone with similar experience can advise: 1) Which “pregnancy week” did bleeding occur? For how long? Was it painful? 2) Did you eventually still have to go for D&C after bleeding as bleeding was not totally cleared in the uterus? 3) Any success stories of eventually getting yourself pregnant with a healthy baby after blighted ovum? Thank you so much.

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1. scanned at 7 weeks and they couldnt see progress plus no heartbeat. bleeding between weeks 9 and 10. pain was manageable with panadol menstrual for me at the start. when you start passing out bigger clots (also considered as active labour) was when doc started giving me heavy duty pain killers. pain is manageable with the pills given. i was warded so that they could ensure i didnt have excessive bleeding or any complications. 2. they did two scans to check and make sure that everything cleared out naturally and that there is nothing stuck or left behind. if there is, you will have to go for D&C. thankfully mine cleared well and no need D&C. 2 weeks hospitalisation leave given to help your body rest, try to do mini confinement as essentially, you did just give birth even though it does not look like a fetus. 3. Yes, i am currently expecting and due soon. doing a mini confinement helped. i had a post-natal masseuse come over and they did a miscarriage package which was for 3 days massage, drink herbal tea (taste like straight red tea) and no cold drinks for the whole month, take multi vitamins etc. it doesnt have to be as strict as usual confinement but just ensure that you are doing what you need to help your internal system heal itself. also, be sure to check on your mental health as well. i had post-partum depression because the hormones hadnt leveled out. I hope you get better soon and dont be discouraged. Just take this time to look after yourself and heal. The rest will fall into place when the time is right 💕

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i miscarriage around week 11 and had heavy bleeding for one whole night, unfortunately for me the sac was too big that i still had to undergo d&c the next day to clear them, it was a painful experience. I’m now in week 29, fingers crossed! don’t give up! do go through a proper confinement to build your health.

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I had two miscarriages due to that. one is at 10 weeks and other one is at 8 weeks. after bleeding was over i went for a check up. I was given some medicine for 6 months. I had successful pregnancy after that

Hey, can you share your experience and outcome? I am also detected with the same and waiting for next gynae appointment, no bleeding yet... week 8 as per LMP

I miscarriage once at 7 weeks, gynae gave me pills to wash out,and happened at week 9.. 2nd miscarriage happened at week 5, and was washed out naturally by my body