How to naturally terminate Blighted ovum.

Ladies, I have been diagnosed with blighted ovum, week 9 completed. Till which week I should wait to have miscarriage naturally? Is there any home remedies like papaya, pineapples which will help in inducing bleeding? Any suggestions.. I am not in favour of medication or D&C. #trytoconceive #miscarriage #blightedovum

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Many people have heard rumors about certain fruits like papaya or pineapple inducing bleeding that can lead to a natural miscarriage, particularly in cases of blighted ovum. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. According to medical experts, consuming normal amounts of papaya or pineapple is generally safe during pregnancy and does not pose a risk of miscarriage. It's important to rely on accurate information and consult with healthcare professionals for guidance on managing a blighted ovum.

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i waited around 1-1.5 weeks for my body to expel it out naturally but individual’s body react differently, however i still ended up in D&C as the blood clot was too big and the pain were unbearable. i was around week 11 then. i don’t think there’s any remedy for induction.

2y ago

What was the size of the sac when it expelled naturally? For me its 12mm.. gynae suggested to wait till week 10, else take oral medication.. i am confused should I go for it.