Pregnancy after blighted ovum

Anyone able to share their personal experience of pregnancy after blighted ovum? I had a blighted ovum last quarter at 7 weeks, things happened naturally without D&C. Now im here with a dye stealer at 18 DPO. Cant help but feel anxious, still doesnt have much symptoms like before. Clinic asked me to go for early checkup at week 5. Update: test line continued to darken, symptoms did not increase. Sac could not be found on week 5 or 6, ectopic confirmed after. #lineprogression #blightedovum

Pregnancy after blighted ovum
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Congratulations!!! Looks like you already got your dye-stealer too 💕! Being pregnant after a loss is indeed not easy and very nervewrecking. I’m currently pregnant with my rainbow baby after 2 losses (not due to BO) i was happy when we first found out but it was hard to feel excited. I also went for early checkup at 5w6d. I was so nervous because I had been spotting since the day before. I was afraid that something bad would happen like it did the last time, but thankfully the 1st ultrasound went well, I got to see a flickering fetal pole which brought me to tears 😭 Doctor prescribed me with some medications to help support the pregnancy which I took until 12w. Now i’m almost 16w and the anxiety is still there but i’m feeling much better and starting to get very very excited 🥰 Good luck with your first appointment and I wish you a successful pregnancy & a healty, cute baby ❤️

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5mo ago

Thanks Dear, this means so much to me. Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations to you! I will try my best to take it one step at a time, really fingers crossed for this time. 😃

Super Mum

Hugs and congratulations. 5weeks is a bit early. Cause sometimes cannot see much then, and that will spike anxiety. Hope it will be ok. Blighted ovum is quite common.

5mo ago

thank you. Yea i didnt wan to head in early, 2 weeks wait after is painful. But because of history, they asked me to head in earlier and if required injections/medications