Hi, I just wanted to share our experience at Baby clinic in our area. We went to the clinic because my daughter that her tummy is aching. Unfortunately, we were the last patient since went their late. At the clinic, my daughter seems fine thank goodness because she’s playing with other kids. Accidentally, she fell from one of the seats (76cm high) so I got her she has a bumped on her head. So, I asked from the reception/assistant if they have ice pack unfortunately they do not have it and nobody assisted us. After a few minutes, she asked us if we want to see the doctor now but of course we want to. The doctor came out, he just looked at the bumped and then told us “i will see you later”. We waited for a few minutes, no assistance, no sense of urgency, well I think for them it’s not an emergency but as a parent it’s different. So we decided to leave, went home and put first aid on our daughter. My take on this, I think they should have firs aid kit since they are a clinic. They can at least apply something on my forehead of my daughter and since they have a playing area for kids, the flooring on that area should be rubber. I know it is an accident but it can be avoided.

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Sorry to hear your experience! Would be nice if you could share the clinic with us so we could avoid the same experience.. Hope your daughter's well now 🥺

Yes, it's a clinic .. they seem ill equipped and unconcerned! Not v good!

Which Clinic is that ?