I want to share my Journey of Motherhood with PCOS

I just want to share my journey to be come a Mother with Pcos. When i was in my early 20s i was diagnose #PCOS back then it didnt matter much about it bata pa kasi having children is not my priority i was more focus having work and career. But since 2009 when me and my pangga decided to get married and plan for our own family, that made me think ( prior to that omar knew my situation and he never left me kahit na i might not gave him children, love nya daw talaga ako??). So late 2009 since ala me work cause i came from abroad before i got married i decided to work up my pcos with my ob 6 months after since i was relax and stress free my ovaries got normal and when my husband had vacation in July 2010 buy Aug 2010 im finally pregnant?God does really answered my prayers. I was grateful and blessed, by April 2011 we had our baby girl Aenah via normal delivery she's such a sweetheart cutest especially when she smiles and laugh. Then when she turn two i go back working as college teacher. So i was pre occupied for 5 years, later those year i was already trying again so that when my husband is back for vacation i can be ready, but it doesnt work. Sometimes I tend to get frustrated and wanted to stop trying but I still didnt? So i decided to really stop working by Oct 2017, i need to have less stressful life. Then this late 2017 i started work up again with my ob i am not hopeful cause im in a heavy side few month after my ovaries are normal again i was overwhelmed i was thinking malaking chance to get pregnant again. summer 2018 is near we had a chance also to take vacation abroad to were my husband works i had chance to really enjoy and relax for a week then got back with my husband to take his vacation here in Philippines. After a month of waiting i decided to take blood serum ( got excited na? pt doesnt give me accurate signs kasi). Yes its another answered prayer I'm pregnant again kahit matagal it's worth the wait. Then i gave birth this Dec 2018 via CS ( i dont really like to undergo CS) but i have no choice my son is in breech position. Now i have two wonderful children. Perseverance prevails? #pcosjourney #myjourneytomotherhood #neverloosehope

I want to share my Journey of Motherhood with PCOS
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hello sis nung nag pt.poba kayo positive poba ang labas??kasi pcos din po ako nag pt ako sdila delayed sept.2 nag pt ako at nag 2line ciya kaso hndi masyadong malinaw pero makikita m tlga sept.3 nagoa check.up ako at sabi nmn ni doc. na wala pa dw makikita at but kaya wala ng pcos nakita sa ultrasound..nagtataka lng tlga ako sept. di na ko dinatnan hanggang ngayun dipa rin at nag pt ulit ako pero malabo na ung line kakalito dipa ako nkabalik sa check.up

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woow congrats mamshie Godbless 😍😍

cute☺️ congrats po