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I want to share my Journey of Motherhood with PCOS
I just want to share my journey to be come a Mother with Pcos. When i was in my early 20s i was diagnose #PCOS back then it didnt matter much about it bata pa kasi having children is not my priority i
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woow congrats mamshie Godbless 😍😍
Does anyone here had Hydrocele to her baby boy
Just want to know does your baby boy had hydrocele? Did it undergo operation how many months he is did the operation is it necessary? Tips to handle the situation
Baby ko po meron. Sabi po ni pedia nwwala nmm daw po. Pero pag 1 yr d nwala, ooperahan daw po. Hhigupin lng dw po ung water
ano po ung hydrocele?
has a bump at the back of my baby
have you encountered a bump at your babys head hindi naman untog
mas maganda to get it checked out by the pedia. magkakaiba din kasi shape ng ulo ng mga babies. mas ok yung sure ka mamsh.
whats the best shampoo for babies coz i use cetaphil cleanser for my baby
as i use the cetaphil baby wash it cost him to have allergies even in his scalp. Any suggestion
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Try others po. Baby Dove, J&J Top to Toe or if you want super mild try Sacred.