I want to make a change in my aesthetic. I usually cut my hair but I'm still growing it and I want to do something else. What do you recommend I do? :)

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Be bold! Play with colors. If your aim is to grow your hair long and is limited with trying different haircuts, why not try coloring and give your locks a different glow? I've been seeing a lot of people (yes, working moms included) with shades of neutral brown, deep red, and even gray. Here's a photo from pinterest which you might be interested in:

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You should try getting different types of hair styles everyday! Different ponytails and various hair braids should do the trick! Or you could get a different hair color.

Try something you think you can't like maybe a drastic change of hair color? Depending on your skin tone and preference, try a bolder color like gray or blonde :)

Get some dreadlocks! But seriously, you can try coloring your hair. It's pretty trendy right now and there are a lot of colors that you can choose from. :)

Try coloring your hair and try getting braids as well!

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