should i expres BF till empty?

I visited the LC from Thomsom PCC and they taught me express 15 mins + hand massage to release milk ducts x 3 cycle. Previously I had engorgement so they helped me to clear the block ducts. I also had sore nipple due to prolonged expression (30min cause spectra 9+). At home, I use spectra 9+ with 15 min cycle x3. However I dont feel that the milk has fully been empty from my breast. Should I continue more cycles or is it better to remain at 3 cycle? (At PCC they used medela hospital grade pump and able to pump 50ml in 1 cycle but with spectra 9+ I could only extract 30ml in 3 cycle) TIA
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After I pump I will finish off with hand expression. It helps to empty the breasts and also helps me get 10-20ml more milk.
Until v little or no more milk. Both sides yeah probably 10min or slightly less
Remain at 3 cycle but increase the suction so that you can clear the breast milk more effectively?
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When pumping, I will use my other hand to press the top, outer side, bottom and inner side sequentially, to get all the milk out. I change the area i’m pressing when I see that the milk stops shooting
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Breasts wont be empty per se, just have to clear milk as much as possible. Try breast compression when pumping
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Yes you should clear your bm empty. You can try another 15-30mins to clear? If didn’t clear it will engorged again. Keep on massage your breast, bath with warm water or use a hot towel ( short ) t
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